Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

by Theresa Bassett


Jan 8, 2022

Are you comfortable being uncomfortable?

I’ve been spending some time observing the habits and mindsets of elite athletes – in fact, yesterday I just finished reading the autobiography Rise by Lindsey Vonn.  I love getting into their heads and their journeys because I pick up on things that would never occur to me.  I love getting inside their THINKING because it drives not only their actions, behaviors, and habits, but also their approach to failure and frankly, pain.

One of the things that I’ve observed is that these elite athletes have only risen to the level they have because:

  1. They keep showing up, day in and day out.
  2. They are super amazingly good at pushing their comfort zone just a little bit further each and every day
  3. They stay coachable and surround themselves with mentors (which also helps with #2)

In fact, the degree that they are comfortable being uncomfortable is directly related to their grit, perseverance, and ability to rise above challenges.

I want to be a person that sees discomfort as a normal part of the everyday.  And the thing that will allow me to become even stronger, even smarter, even more successful.  No pain really is no gain.

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